Im a 10 year old boy who works
with lucas to bring you videos
for ldstudios19 and im the one
who does the roblox videos,but
now i do all sorts of videos with
lucas and also my friend sam up
the street for legoboysify and
Themmalou29,sam is the one who
downloads the games for me to
bring you the different videos.
I am truly the brains of the team
i know every there is about minecraft,
zelda,roblox,how to download
mods and texture packs and
of course how to use YOUTUBE!!

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i'm 9 me and Daniel put video's on YouTube, i think our best is the crushed egg. i did dooks8. Minecraft is my favorite game.I know how to get mods and texture packs .my favorite mod is ''tale of kingdoms'' and my favorite texture is ''OCD.'' I am working on the official  LDstudios  texture pack i hope you enjoy it. I really like angry birds. that's all to be honest.
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